Our business is built on good relationships. From our trades and suppliers to our clients, trust makes or breaks what we do.

From the very outset of a project we can provide knowledge, expertise, and key relationships that help you build a better project. Since 2009, we've built a portfolio of projects that allow us to bring knowledge and insight to almost any situation.

No matter the size of a project, we field a team to match the scope and goals of your project. We're particularly useful in bringing a creative approach to unique construction projects. If something requires special attention, we have the flexibility to bring the right skills to the table to see the job done right.


Our Abilities



EVCO Developments specializes in both commercial and residential renovations.

With years of experience under our belt, we offer end-to-end construction and project management services: guiding you through the entire renovation process. From concept drawings, to mitigating structural issues, to implementing the layout, right to finishing details, we are project partners that can help you turn a vision into reality.

Some of the specialty construction items we offer are:

  • House lifts and major additions - including all structural work and required engineering

  • Character/heritage renovations

  • Basement repair and remediation

  • Brick structure renovations and repairs

  • Consultation on design and structure


New Construction

Building on our renovation experience in mature neighbourhoods, we also offer infill residential construction in Saskatoon.

With our approach, we have the ability to build a high performance building, while remaining flexible to meet the unique demands that come with infill. From lot selection to handing over the keys, we manage it all.

Some of our construction abilities include:

  • Green building solutions including building envelope design and Solar Hookups

  • Consultation on Construction Drawings and Engineering

  • Infill items such as demolition/moving of existing structures, subdivision of lots, new lot services

  • Fixed Price or Cost Plus style contracts


Our Process


Construction is rarely a straightforward process. Even with the best plan, outside factors can always pop up to derail momentum.

With that in mind, we've built a process that we use for every project - from the most complex builds, to the simplest of renovations.

1. Get on the same page

You come with the vision, and we come with the experience. At the start of any project we make the time to get together, put on a pot of coffee, and build a mutual understanding of the project.

Our aim is to listen, to know your goals, your key needs, your budget, and your timeline. In turn, you get to hear our feedback, our advice, our possible concerns, and an outline of a proposal.

2. Sharpen the pencil

After an initial consultation, we get down to the business of seeing how we can make your goals work. Here's where ideas meet the reality of, drawings, code, permits, trades, materials, fixtures, estimating, time frames, and budgeting. We manage all this in one hand, while we do our best to put together a project that holds true to the vision and goals we established together.

While it feels like a lot of busy work, this stage is crucial to get right. When we've done it right, the game plan we establish at the start creates our ability to be flexible to respond to the inevitable roadblocks that will arise over the coarse of the project.

3. Start the fun

This is where the project gets real. As we start to build, you can get out there and actually touch it, feel it, and smell it. It's an amazing feeling. While we remain involved over the course of the whole project, you'll meet our partners - the trades that come and go as they bring their unique skills on site and do their part of the project.

As we go, we make sure to include you in the process. we especially want to communicate the milestones to you, to make sure you know where the project is at.

4. Crack open the bubbly

At some point, when the trades have come and gone and the small remainder of details have been wrapped up, there's only one thing to do: celebrate! What started as an idea in your head is now an actual thing. It's a pretty amazing feeling, and we're always honoured to be a part of getting you there.